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Add some peace of mind to your trip

You’ve been planning this trip all year!
You pack your things, get there, and...
It rains :(
But you got a WeatherPromise!
Get paid for rainy days

Need more details? Check the FAQ below or our Help Center page.

Get paid if it rains more than one day

Trip Details


At least 2 days and no more than 30 days, starting at least 2 weeks from today.


This is where we will track the weather.

You can choose one destination.

Your offer

Get $100 per day starting from the second day it rains over the WeatherPromise threshold.

Tell us where you’re going and when to calculate your WeatherPromise.



How to contact us?

We are here to help, so feel free to use any of the below means of getting in touch with us:

We aim to respond to all customer requests within one business day.

How will I receive a payout?

We automatically calculate whether you are due money and reach out to you to get that process started. If the weather is worse than promised and you are eligible for a WeatherPromise payout, we'll contact you automatically, usually within a few days of your trip ending. You will just need to enter the required information to make the payout directly to your bank account or credit card. No need for you to contact us, no hassle, no paperwork.

Do I need to request a payout? Is there a claims process?

Nope! Everything happens automatically. We will contact you without prompting if you are due a payout, usually within a few days of your trip ending.

How do you calculate offers?

Our system analyzes huge amounts of historic weather data to assess the probability of future weather events for your specific trip. We then offer you protection based on that analysis. Our goal is to help you plan the best trip, which includes peace of mind that you’re financially protected if the weather doesn’t go as expected.

How do you monitor the weather?

Our system continuously monitors the weather around the world, including at your destination, comparing the actual weather against the WeatherPromise we made to you. We use a number of different sources for weather data, including from weather stations, satellites, and radar. All weather data is provided by government entities like NASA, NOAA, ECWMF, and DWD.

Note: if there is a mismatch between what you experience and our data, please feel free to reach out to us

What do you consider a day?

We always time our WeatherPromises to the local time at your destination. In most cases, we measure the rain between 8AM and 8PM in local time. We know our customers’ arrival and departure times can change unexpectedly, so we recommend only purchasing protection for full trip days (in other words, days you know you’ll be in your destination from 8AM–8PM). Note that we measure rainfall cumulatively, so we count the total amount of rainfall in this 12-hour period.

What do you consider ‘rainy’?

Good question! Every WeatherPromise specifies a specific threshold of total rain (millimeters or inches per square meter per day). We measure rain cumulatively (from 8AM to 8PM local time) per day, so that threshold can be reached any number of ways. For example, 12 hours of constant misting or a quick morning downpour (followed by sun the rest of the day) could both mean a WeatherPromise was “broken”, depending on the details of your specific WeatherPromise.

What happens if I’m traveling to more than one place on my trip?

WeatherPromises work best for trips with one main destination. Right now, we can only monitor one location per trip. Don’t feel you need to stay in place the whole time though, just know that our weather-monitoring can’t follow you (yet), so payout will be based on what happens at the location you set when you bought the WeatherPromise. Or, if you want to be safe and travel to multiple locations at defined dates, feel free to book them separately.

What happens if it rains, but I never get the email from you?

We watch the weather carefully across the globe, including at your destination, so this is very unlikely to happen. Just give it a bit more time and we will be in touch. However, if you feel that your WeatherPromise should have triggered and you don’t hear from us within a few days of your trip ending, please contact us at

Can I cancel if I change my mind about purchasing a WeatherPromise?

Yes, we offer cancellation free of charge within 72 hours of your purchase. Should you decide you no longer want your WeatherPromise, please email us at within 72 hours of purchase with your WeatherPromise contract number.

What happens if it doesn’t rain more than expected?

We are so glad you had better than expected weather! When the weather is even better than we promised (i.e., less rain), there is no payout (other than a great trip, of course).

What's the catch? - it sounds too good to be true

There is no catch. We designed WeatherPromise to be simple and straightforward, so you could spend your time planning a great trip. You pay a small amount to protect your trip from “rainier-than-usual” conditions; if and when that happens, we compensate you for your troubles!

How does the WeatherPromise system work?

Through software and service, we assist customers with procuring and managing travel agency services including travel-related parametric contracts. Our web-based platform facilitates easy quote generation and purchase of weather-based travel protection. Enter your information above for a quote and to procure weather-based travel protection!

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